Hawkins Contracting Services considers the health and safety of our employees to be of primary importance. We are committed to the protection of employees from injury, occupational disease, violence and threats of violence and harassment. We set high standards in these areas as we recognize that safe and healthy employees are the back bone of our business.

COR Certified

HCSL achieved COR certification on Nov 21, 2018. This achievement not only demonstrates our commitment to establishing a health and safety management system that supports the values and needs of our staff, but it too is an ongoing commitment to continued improvement of this system for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Collective Effort

At HCSL, implementing and maintaining a class leading health and safety management system is a process that can only be achieved when all staff are involved. By bringing workers, supervisors, and management together in the processes of hazard assessment, inspections, investigations, audits, and policy, procedure and practice creation; our specific health and safety requirements trickle-up to create an HSMS that truly fits the best interests of all stakeholders.

Orientation and Training

Committing to a goal of zero incidences means committing to ongoing retraining in all critical health and safety elements of our operations. All field staff take part in no less than 10 hours of annual orientation through a program that is delivered in stages, beginning online, and concluding with a live, senior management led event.
Skills and knowledge training supports the application of the health and safety training that is delivered through this orientation. All field staff take part in a variety of courses than address the full array of our critical operations.

Safety on Site – Zero Incidences

A goal of zero incidences of injury, illness, violence, and harassment, is the mark that we will always strive to meet. Our commitment to this goal has firmly placed us as a leader in this category, with an long-term injury rate of zero, as evidenced through the WSIB’s Compass system records.

Technology and Data

Making the management and monitoring of health and safety simple and efficient is integral in the delivery of an effective HSMS. HCSL leverages technology in the completion and record-keeping of hazard assessments, inspections, and investigations. This platform also allows management to maintain real-time engagement, and collect lagging and leading indicators. These indicators are key contributors in the ongoing improvement of out health and safety management system.